Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Saving money these days is difficult – especially with the prices of groceries going up each day. To save more, think about when you shop, where you shop and how you use what you buy. Here are some ways to get going in the right direction.

  • Shop Alone. Taking children along distracts you from the job at hand – and little voices saying, “Can I have this?” could just coerce you into buying more than you want to.
  • Avoid Single Serving Packages. Cookies, crackers and juice in single serving packs are convenient, but if you buy a lot of them, they’re no bargain. Plus, it’s much healthier to put together your own snacks with fresh fruits and vegetables included.
  • Try Using Generic-Labeled Products. In many cases, generic and store-label food and household items are identical or as good as name-brand products. Cereals, crackers, chips, napkins and paper towels are good choices for generic use. You may notice a difference in the taste of items like catsup or pasta sauce.
  • Compare cost-per-pound or cost-per-unit. Be sure to check the unit cost. The “economy size” is not always the best bargain.
  • Use a freezer. You can save quite a bit of money by purchasing meat when they are on sale and freezing them.
  • Think About Leftovers when shopping. Chicken, roast beef or turkey can be used in casseroles or sandwiches.
  • Check Out your Local Drugstore. Sometimes you can find canned goods “on sale” in pharmacies…and at lower prices than at supermarkets.
  • Buy bread at thrift bakeries. Many nation-wide bakeries have outlet stores for day-old or damaged product. Wrap bread or rolls in freezer storage bags and freeze them for long-term storage.
  • Use the newspaper. The Wednesday newspaper, in many localities, include a food section where supermarkets advertise their sales. Save money by planning your meals around these special items.

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