Cooking Measurements

Cooking measurements need to be accurate in order for the recipe to come out as it should. Knowing the proper cooking measurement substitutions can make the difference between delicious and disaster.

These cooking measurement substitutions are about weights and measures.

  • A dash equals less than one eighth of a teaspoon.
  • One half tablespoon equals one and one half teaspoons.
  • One tablespoon equals three teaspoons.
  • Two tablespoons equals one eighth of a cup.
  • One quarter of a cup equals four tablespoons.
  • One third of a cup equals five tablespoons and one teaspoon.
  • One half cup equals eight tablespoons.
  • Two thirds of a cup equals ten tablespoons and two teaspoons.
  • Three fourths of a cup equals twelve tablespoons.
  • One cup equals sixteen tablespoons.
  • One half of a pint equals one cup or eight fluid ounces.
  • One pint equals two cups or sixteen fluid ounces.
  • One quart equals four cups, two pints, or thirty two fluid ounces.
  • One gallon equals sixteen cups or four quarts.
  • One pound equals sixteen ounces.