Getting a Good Start Toward Healthy Eating

If you want to cook nutritious meals, but you don’t want to spend long hours in the kitchen, and if you’d like to stop going to the “drive by fast food” on your way home to work, planning is your answer.

Planning pulls it all together: nutrition, a variety of foods, supermarket specials and the opportunity to try new recipes. Best of all, it saves time and relieves dinnertime stress.

Once a week, get two sheets of paper, the newspaper food market ads, and your list of recipes. Mark one sheet “Grocery List” and the other, “Master Menu Plan.” Divide the menu plan into seven columns, one for each day of the week.

  • Look through your refrigerator, making a mental note of which foods need to be used quickly. Write down on your Grocery List which foods need to be restocked. 
  • Check your calendar and note on your menu plan any days that require a “quick” meal, and any meals that you are planning to eat “out.”
  • Check the supermarket ads for sales and produce in season.
  • Now, think through what you will cook for each meal. Write the main dish first and then decide on the other choices.
  • As you write, find the appropriate recipes, check your kitchen for needed ingredients and prepare your grocery list.

There you have it. In thirty minutes or less, you have a week’s worth of meals. You won’t have to worry about “What’s for dinner” every night – AND you’ll know you have the ingredients for every meal.

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