How Do You Read a Recipe

howdoyouSo you found a recipe you want to try. Now what?

Well, first things first. Look through the recipe to make sure you have all the ingredients and any equipment that you might need. I don’t know how many times I started to cook a recipe and found out that I’m missing some essential ingredient. So now, I always make a point to read through the recipe to make sure I have everything I need,

Is this the first time you’ve ever made this recipe? If so, you should follow the directions and the ingredients exactly. Then, after you know what it tastes like as it is, the next time you make it, you can fiddle around with it. Perhaps, you can even make it better. I always write right on my cookbook page. If I change in ingredient, increase the amount, or eliminate it entirely, I can refer back to my notes to see what worked and what didn’t.

Another thing I have found important is to “clean as you go.” I fill my sink with soapy water and put each dish and utensil into it as I get done with it. This is so much better than trying to clean up later when the food has dried on and has to be scrubbed off.